When and how to prune a tree

When and how to prune a tree

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Whether it is for a dead, dangerous or simply unsightly branch, you want to prune a tree, but do not know how?

Follow our advice to find out when and how to pruneby limiting the risk to you and the tree.

When to prune a tree

The ideal period of size is in April, May and June. During these months, the photosynthesis cycle is initiated, the peak of sap rise has passed and healing occurs more quickly.

You can optionally prune by winter, but above all, do it outside of heavy frost.

In all cases, you must not prune :

  • At the beginning of spring, because during this period, plants deploy their first leaves to initiate their photosynthetic activity. Trimming them at that time therefore amounts to weakening them.
  • Just before the leaves fall, because the plants then build up their reserve of nutrients in order to be able to generate the first leaves in early spring.

How to prune a tree?

Which tool to choose?

It all depends on the size of the branch to be cut.

- For small diameters, use a shearsor one delimber. You will also find the latter commercially under the name ofpruneror branch cutters.

- For larger diameters (greater than 3 or 4 cm), prefer the use of a arboricultural saw. The cut will be cleaner.

- Finally, for very large branches, a chain saw may be necessary.

How to proceed ?

Before starting your pruning, make sure that your tool cut well. If it is a pruner or a pruner, it must be sharp enough.

If it is a saw, he does not owe him miss no teethunder penalty of shredding instead of sawing.

For a chainsaw, make sure that the chain is sharp before starting.

Then, in order to prevent infection or the spread of diseases, viruses, bacteria or fungi, clean and sterilize your tools between each cut.

  • Where to cut?

To allow the tree to heal, the waist should not be too close to the trunk. The cutting angle must be perpendicular to the axis of the cut branch(and not be parallel to the trunk).

  • Cutting technique

For branches of small diameter, using a shearsor one delimber, there is no special technique. You must respect the waist area and cut straightforwardly and cleanly.

It gets a bit complicated when you have to use the sawfor a more imposing branch.

Three steps are indeed necessary.

  1. Step 1: Make an incision a few centimeters under the branch. It will stop any tearing during the cut in step 2.
  2. Step 2: Move a few more inches away from the trunk and the incision made in 1, then completely cut the branch starting from the top.
  3. Step 3: Get closer to the trunk and make the final cut without compromising the area of ​​healing.

Security rules

Beyond the recommended protective equipment (gloves, glasses, etc.), you must pay attention to the area of ​​intervention. If it is at a man's height, there are no special precautions to take.

However, if you have to prune much taller branches, use a weederor a pole sawand secure the space around you so that no one can enter it. Do not work on a ladder, stepladder or any other unstable situation.

Of course, for your safety, in the event of a larger and more technical site, rather call in a professional.

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